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Influencer Marketing

Strategy that triggers growth

Influencer Marketing

If your plan is to gain more users, drive more installs and increasing brand awareness to the next level, influencer marketing is the surefire and most suitable option for your apps.


We are team of passionate digital marketers having years of experience. At Evokeup we use every possible strategy to boost your mobile apps and games business.


Driving results beyond your confession is our core standard. Our data driven process and experienced human touch will make limitless room for your apps growth.


Results can’t be fake. We are result driven. Our core aim is to force exceptional results  with the help of data and experienced human touch.

Free Creatives

We are enough creative to craft all the creative assets like dialog, slogans, tag lines and required graphical assets in the possible efficient manner. We will do this for you absolutely free with option to unlimited revisions.

Data Driven

Which influencer of which platforms at what scale should use ? We are expert in analyzing these data with the help of our extensive tools and experienced human touch.

All Platforms

We have tied up with all the top influencer across all popular platforms. Only you are delaying to initiate our process of maximizing app reach and brand awareness to the next level.

Data Driven

With our data mining skills and experienced human touch, we will maximize your app’s growth to the possible extent level in minimum input through  influencer marketing.

Result Oriented

We are hungry for driving possible best results. We use every possible strategy, techniques and tools to maximize your results and give you desired satisfaction with our services.