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BlockChain Technology

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BlockChain Development

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App Store Optimization Agency & App Marketing Agency - Evokeup.com


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Blockchain technology can be integrated into multiple areas. The primary application of BlockChain today is a distributed ledger for cryptocurrencies. Few operational products are maturing from proof of concept by late 2016. Businesses have been thus far reluctant to place blockchain at the core of the business structure.

Major portions of the financial industry are implementing distributed ledgers for use in the banking and finance sectors. Banks are interested in this technology because it has the potential to speed up back-office settlement systems.

At Evokeup Technologies, we are proud to implement deliver this futuristic technology. We believe that the effective implementation of BlockChain technology has tremendous possibilities to revolutionize banking and financial sectors.


Implementing AI and Machine-Learning, and BlockChain technologies that effectively supports your business is not an easy task. While implementing AI-based solutions for their need businesses face a variety of problems including but not limited to :

  • Application, implementation, and strategic approach to deliver powerful AI-based solution is changing day by day, businesses should use up to date, futuristic, and reliable approach to implement BlockChain based solution.
  • No matter what you’ve built with AI and Machine-Learning, your single goal should be pushing your business forward in terms of dominating your market, surpassing hindrances, and increasing overall revenue with utmost speed and flexibility.
  • Timeframes and budget are two important factors in implementing any strategic approach to push your business forward. We care for delivery time and economically acceptable budget.

Evokeup Solution

  • At Evokeup Technologies, we are a pioneer of next-generation IT services. Up-to-date, futuristic, and reliable implementation for your strategic of BlockChain based solutions and products is our priority.
  • Just don’t worry. We’ve mastered the art of bridging the gap between businesses and growth with the help of powerful BlockChain & Machine-Learning based solutions. We know how to push businesses forward by using next-generation technologies and IT services.
  • Innovation, execution, and implementation is our mantra for developing AI-based powerful solution. We care for on-time delivery and economically acceptable charges. after all, you are with a good company.

Our Expertise

These are the industries we cover in IoT implementation –

  •  Smart contracts
  •  The sharing economy
  •  Crowdfunding
  •  Governance
  •  Supply chain auditing
  •  File storage
  •  Prediction markets
  •  Intellectual Protection
  •  Internet of Things(IoT)
  •  Neighbourhood Microgrids
  •  Identity Management
  •  AML & KYC
  •  Data Management
  •  Land Title Registration
  •  Stock Trading

Our Technology Stack

Core Technologies :

Apache Spark, NoSQL databases, Apache Kafka, Apache Oozie, Apache Airflow, Apache Beam, ELK Stack, Docker, Kubernetes, TensorFlow, Presto, Polybase, Hive

Some Common FAQS

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Currently our busy team is handling 2-5 apps daily but however, we work on ASAP delivery model.

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