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Evokeup Technologies is an award-winning next-generation IT services provider firm that specializes in creating and implementing strategies for our clients. We serve a wide variety of clients in many industries.

We Love Technology!

Building and executing clever SaaS products is in our blood. We have years of experience and the most important obsession in what we do. We are committed to delivering a deliberate approach, measurable results, and powerful products.

Who We Are

Evokeup Technologies is a team of IT experts that work under a boundary-less, seamless philosophy so that you receive the best project or program solution. We are innovators, creative thinkers, and most importantly, ready to help you surpass your business goals. Founded in 2016, Evokeup Technologies is one of Bihar’s most distinguished IT services provider companies.

What We Do

As a broad-based IT company, our services provide answers that drive your business forward and build your brand. Our job is to maximize our client’s exposure through our expert understanding. We will provide you with unparalleled business insight that leads to optimal decisions, effective deployment of resources, and efficient processes. Services include AI, ML, Blockchain, Big data, Web, and Mobile app development.

Our Services

AI & Automation

Implementing futuristic AI & Automation that empowers next level business needs is our core at Evokeup Technologies. We use deep learning and Machine-Learning based approaches to cover Narrow AI for basic needs and AGI for complex business solutions.

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IoT & Cloud Computing

We offer versatile Cloud Computing and IoT services to businesses including SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS. Big data helps you to make data-driven decisions faster and better. We help businesses by setting clever big data and Cloud Computing strategies.

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Blockchain Development

We offer a powerful implementation of BlockChain and CryptoGraphies technologies. Our BlockChain development services are highly tailored to the banking and finance sectors. We make extremely powerful SaaS solutions by combining AI, ML, IoT, and BlockChain technologies.

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Open Source Customization

We love Open source. We customize almost all Open source technologies to serve you tailored business needs and problems. Our process is backed by agile deliver approaches for continuous customization, maintenance, and up-gradation.

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Custom Software Development(XaaS)

We solve the complex needs of businesses through compelling IT services. We believe the strategic approach of businesses should leverage competing and futuristic IT services. We are proud to deliver Everything-as-a-service.

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Mobile App Development

We offer 360 degree Mobile App development. Our mobile implementation strategies are backed by up-to-date technologies. We offer powerful mobile implementation services to an array of industries and sectors.

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Web Development

We implement all trending and futuristic stacks of Web technologies to drive your business forward. Our agile delivery approach and futuristic execution makes a win-win situation for your business.

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Why Choose Us ?

You need a serious IT company to skyrocket your business with expert execution and implementation. You need who supports your vision through next-generation IT services. Welcome on board, we are here to surpass your expectations.

Our Clientle

Our 6-D Process


Analyzing your business towards every probable assumption, profit, loss, market, targeting, and segmentation is the initial step.


Evaluating the cycle of market needs, demands, supply, probable purchaser, and about your audience base is very important.


Powerful and immensely clever approach backed by analysis and evaluation of your business is a prerequisite.


Shaping strategy accordingly your advertising goals, targeting goals, future goals, and brand goals.


They highlight your weak points and we are experts in cleverly leveraging that toward your vision.


Final. Our execution is endorsed by exceptionally powerful strategical moves to surpass your expectations.

Skyrocket your Business !

Stunning creative, result-oriented strategy and on the time execution is our passion. We are creative thinkers, innovative strategist, and new-age technology experts. We challenge the expected and deliver the exceptional.


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